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Lies, Tyranny, Bullies- Oh My Constitutional Amendments in Ruby Slippers

Let’s discuss the juxtaposition of the the political allegory in The Wizard of Oz and of today’s political themes.

In this episode, we will talk about Constitutional Amendments, why they matter and how we should vote for them.

  • Pinpoint the Lies and misinformation that is often presented with Constitutional Amendments
  • Identify the Tyranny that has taken place recently in our government
  • Highlight the Bullies in the Legislature and why we have to make our voices heard

We will have a little deep dive into our most recent Constitutional Amendments and what changes will come due to the these Amendments.

Finally discuss the battle women have been fighting to overturn the Tampon Tax and to help others overcome period poverty.

Hosted by Former Texas State Representative Gina Calanni

Show Notes:

Legislative Reference Library

Period equity expands in Texas as Austin schools provide free pads and tampons

Meet the Texas teens taking on the state’s “tampon tax”

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