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As a former Texas State Representative, Gina Calanni learned in great detail, how laws are created, voted on, and how they make it to the Capitol. Every single aspect of our lives is affected by politics, but most people do not realize that. Our systems are set up to keep things a secret and make people feel disenfranchised to vote.

Now more than ever, we need everyone to get politically fit and motivated to vote in every single election, every single time, and all the way down the ballot.

Education is the key to understanding politics. This podcast will help you learn how to use your voice, for issues that matter most to you!

In 2017, Gina was asked by her three boys to run for office after massive cuts to public education funding caught her attention. She agreed and put her name on the ballot because our state government had failed to address the needs of the next generation. During her first legislative session, she passed the most bills out of all the Democratic freshmen. These separate pieces of legislation helped save taxpayer money and reduced the backlog of untested sexual assault evidence, spurred economic development in unincorporated Harris County, and gave Katy police the legal tools to protect our community and its roads from overweight traffic.

Gina hopes this podcast will inspire people to run for office, vote in every election, and most importantly to get Politically Fit!

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