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Vendor Bills Cost You Money

In this episode we talk about what vendor bills are and how they cost you money.

Vendor bills are legislation that is filed with either the Texas House or Texas Senate that create a fee in some form or fashion.

This fee might be an added tax or it might be a fee for a parenting class that is mandated in order for you to have your divorce finalized.

We discuss what they look like, how they effect you, and further thoughts for you to consider on the this matter.

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Hosted by Former Texas State Representative Gina Calanni.

Cash Generator
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Money, Money, Money, Campaign Finance Money: How Does it Work?

Let’s discuss money.

 Campaign money.

How do you raise it?

The difference between Democratic campaign fundraising vs Republican campaign fundraising.

What is the money for?

Why do you need it?

Who are the big political donors in Texas?

Hosted by Former Texas State Representative Gina Calanni

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Women Do You Like Having: Credit Cards, Birth Control, Access to Courtrooms, Running, Pregnancy Security in the Workplace: Oh How the Tides Have Changed

Oh How the Tides Have Changed

This episode is to highlight the many “rights” women fought for and won- less than 50 years ago.  Yet, with the overturning of Roe v. Wade, we need to be on high alert.  All rights are at risk and we cannot put our heads in the sand.

It is imperative to take action now. To be loud. To voice your concern.  

If we do not have autonomy over our own body, then what do we have?

Hosted by Former Texas State Representative Gina Calanni

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