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Pamphlets Are Useless as Diapers

In this episode we talk about the current talking points from Governor Abbott and other Republican Elected Officials in regards to the total abortion plan.  These individuals have offered up the idea of providing diapers and pamphlets in exchange to those seeking abortion.

We discuss:

In order to get diapers from charity groups you have to follow the following the guidelines:”

  • Must have photo ID
  • Must be receiving Medicaid
  • Present a Medicaid Award Letter
  • Attend an in-person appointment
  • Produce a birth certificate for your child
  • only 6 months 

      Check out: Houston Diaper Bank

  • Is someone is raped, will child support be offered?
  • How will a rapist in Texas pay for child support while in prison?

            Child Support Via the Court System
            Prison Systems that Provide Paid Labor

  • How can a single mom find housing in Texas?

             Vouchers, Affordable Housing Wait Times, and Information

  • Why hasn’t the Texas Department of Human Health Services released their annual report?

             Late Report

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Hosted by Former Texas State Representative Gina Calanni.

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Show Me Your Papers! I Can’t – I was Adopted in Texas

I am adopted. As an adult, I am unable to get a copy of my original birth certificate in Texas, because of politics.

Everything in your life is affected by politics.  In this episode, we take a deep dive into the history of adoption records in the state of Texas and the nation. I will provide a little behind the scenes of being adopted, carrying this legislation, and how bills are assigned to certain committees. And most importantly, we will talk about political coin.

Hosted by Former Texas State Representative Gina Calanni

Links on the topics:

Texas HB 2725

Texas HB 1386

CDC Hospital Delivery Statistics

DNA Testing Roadblocks for Adoption

Adoption Birth Mothers

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