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Election Night Recap 2022- What Happens Next?

Election Night Recap 2022

Texas House Makeup in last three election cycles:

86th Session: 67 Democrats to 83 Republicans
87th Session: 67 Democrats to 82 Republicans
88th Session: 64 Democrats to 86 Republicans

What happens after the election?

We go to Caucus with other Democratic Members

We talk about what we are going to accomplish this session.

Why we failed in 2020 and why that mattered even more in 2022.

What we can and must do going forward.

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Hosted by Former Texas State Representative Gina Calanni.

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Tired of Crime? Vote for Republicans (Signs)

In this episode, we will talk about political campaign signs.

Signs, that read “Tired of Crime? Vote for Republican Judges.” This discussion will include why this is a fallacy and why it is being solicited as a possibility to change the levels of crime in Harris County.

We will talk about the Harris County Judicial Races.

Why are people being released on bail?

Can you politick from the pulpit if you are a church that receives a non-profit tax status from the IRS?

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Hosted by Former Texas State Representative Gina Calanni.

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Vendor Bills Cost You Money

In this episode we talk about what vendor bills are and how they cost you money.

Vendor bills are legislation that is filed with either the Texas House or Texas Senate that create a fee in some form or fashion.

This fee might be an added tax or it might be a fee for a parenting class that is mandated in order for you to have your divorce finalized.

We discuss what they look like, how they effect you, and further thoughts for you to consider on the this matter.

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Hosted by Former Texas State Representative Gina Calanni.

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Pamphlets Are Useless as Diapers

In this episode we talk about the current talking points from Governor Abbott and other Republican Elected Officials in regards to the total abortion plan.  These individuals have offered up the idea of providing diapers and pamphlets in exchange to those seeking abortion.

We discuss:

In order to get diapers from charity groups you have to follow the following the guidelines:”

  • Must have photo ID
  • Must be receiving Medicaid
  • Present a Medicaid Award Letter
  • Attend an in-person appointment
  • Produce a birth certificate for your child
  • only 6 months 

      Check out: Houston Diaper Bank

  • Is someone is raped, will child support be offered?
  • How will a rapist in Texas pay for child support while in prison?

            Child Support Via the Court System
            Prison Systems that Provide Paid Labor

  • How can a single mom find housing in Texas?

             Vouchers, Affordable Housing Wait Times, and Information

  • Why hasn’t the Texas Department of Human Health Services released their annual report?

             Late Report

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Hosted by Former Texas State Representative Gina Calanni.

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School Choice Creates Poverty

School Choice Creates Poverty

In this episode we are discuss what “school choice” is and how it directly correlates to poverty. 

School Choice is about school funding, and the unconstitutional idea of having the “money” follow the student versus the “money” following the constitution and into the public education system.

We talk about what happens when you take public school money out of public schools and why it’s bad for everyone.

It is imperative to understand that public education is not failing because of what is coming out, public education is failing because of what we are putting in.

Let’s “stop the steal” of public education dollars for for-profit schools.


  • School funding
  • Government assistance
  • High school diplomas
  • Education ranking
  • Education spending
  • Accountability

Read more:

Texas Constitutional Amendments May 2022 Election

Most educated states

Welfare assistance per state ranking

Texas lags in per-student funding : $9,606 per student

Texas ranks 38th in the nation on student spending.

Texas ranks 49th in the nation with  high school diplomas.

Texas ranks 39th in education as a whole.

TANF: Temporary Assistance Needy Families

In Hasidic Enclaves, Failing Schools Flush with Public Money

“But in 2019, the school, the Central United Talmudical Academy, agreed to give state standardized tests in reading and math to more than 1,000 students.

Every one of them failed.”

In regards to the Katy ISD Tax Rate Election (in Texas check your ballot for this vote in November).

Katy Tax Rate Election

“The November ballot would ask voters to ratify the M&O Tax Rate. The ballot language is set by state law and is unfortunately confusing.  Because the state has mandated that school districts reduce their M&O tax rates, Katy ISD would be asking its community to sustain the current tax rate. The ballot would read as follows:

  • “Would you vote for or against ratifying the ad valorem tax rate of $1.3517 for Katy ISD for the current year, a rate that will result in an increase of 14.7% in maintenance and operations tax revenue for the district for the current year as compared to the preceding year, which is an additional $65,281,305?”
  • WHAT THIS MEANS: A vote “FOR” means you are voting to sustain the current school district tax rate of $1.3517.”

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Hosted by Former Texas State Representative Gina Calanni.

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Researching the Midterms

In this episode we will discuss what the midterms are and how you can research the candidates on the ballot.

What are the midterms?

Why are they important?
Read more: Abortion Rights

What is on the ballot?

Are you registered to vote?

Why each race matters?
Each race effects your life one way or another

How to research the candidates?
Check out the candidates websites, their endorsements, how much money they have raised and who donated to them. Research how they voted on certain bills and what legislation they have filed.

You can check out who is endorsed by which groups under these organizations:

Teacher Groups:
Texas AFT
Association of Texas Professional Educators

Union Groups:

Gun Safety Groups
Moms Demand Action

Pro-Choice/Pro-Body Autonomy Groups
Emily’s List
Annie’s List

Planned Parenthood

League of Women Voters

Do you want term limits?

Who is funding the candidates?

Follow the money
Open Secrets

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Hosted by Former Texas State Representative Gina Calanni.

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Interview: Daniel Lee Discusses Family Law, Being a Lawyer, and His Battle to be Your Next TXHD26 Representative

A fantastic interview with Daniel Lee as we discuss his run for the Texas House of Representatives-District 26.

Bio: Daniel is a lawyer that has been fighting for Texans for over a decade. He brings his experience, education, and legal career to help Texans have a strong and compassionate voice as their Representative. As a proud native Texan, Daniel has been discouraged by the amount of vitriol that has been spewed in both state and national politics. It’s time for a voice that cares about everyone, not just big money donors.

Family is at the forefront of every decision he makes. Being raised in a hardworking family, his parents instilled the values of the American dream at an early age. They taught him important business skills in both their restaurant and real estate firm. Daniel learned it didn’t matter how much money there was to count if the dishes were not washed. “Always finish what you start.” Was one of his mother’s most important pieces of advice.

As a graduate of The University of Texas, he developed a keen understanding of the Economy. While earning his Bachelor’s degree in Economics, he worked for various Texas State House Representatives organizing bills and responding to constituents at the Capitol. Daniel advanced his education at Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University.

In 2007 he began his career as a lawyer and has been fighting for families, children, single mothers, and fathers’ rights for over a decade. He has handled thousands of trials, hearings, and contested matters for many Texans and specifically for his neighbors in the Katy, Richmond, Pecan Grove, and Richmond areas of Fort Bend County, Texas.
With the support of his family:  Vanessa, Kayla, Kolton, Ithica, their four cats, and dog-Daniel is running to represent you and your family in the Texas House!

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Abbott injury
Abbott lawsuit
“Abbott Disability’s Worst Advocate”

Hosted by Former Texas State Representative Gina Calanni.

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Interview: Robin Fulford Discusses her Texas Congressional Battle Against Dan Crenshaw

In this episode, we learn what motivated Robin Fulford to get Politically Fit.

What steps she took to become an organizer and how that path changed along the way.

Her steps to become a Precinct Chair. To level up and create the Democratic Club of the Woodlands, to now running for Texas Congressional District 2 against Dan Crenshaw.

Join us as we discuss her difficult journey not only as a woman, but as a Democratic candidate in Texas.

Hosted by Former Texas State Representative Gina Calanni.

Find Robin here:
Fulford for Congress

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Lies, Tyranny, Bullies- Oh My Constitutional Amendments in Ruby Slippers

Let’s discuss the juxtaposition of the the political allegory in The Wizard of Oz and of today’s political themes.

In this episode, we will talk about Constitutional Amendments, why they matter and how we should vote for them.

  • Pinpoint the Lies and misinformation that is often presented with Constitutional Amendments
  • Identify the Tyranny that has taken place recently in our government
  • Highlight the Bullies in the Legislature and why we have to make our voices heard

We will have a little deep dive into our most recent Constitutional Amendments and what changes will come due to the these Amendments.

Finally discuss the battle women have been fighting to overturn the Tampon Tax and to help others overcome period poverty.

Hosted by Former Texas State Representative Gina Calanni

Show Notes:

Legislative Reference Library

Period equity expands in Texas as Austin schools provide free pads and tampons

Meet the Texas teens taking on the state’s “tampon tax”

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