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Slow Ride Into Politics

Welcome to Politically Fit! Our first episode is called Slow Ride into Politics, where we will help get you warmed up to become Politically Fit.  Whether you are a political passerby or a political policy wonk, we hope you will join us on this journey!
Politics affects every aspect of your life. Whether it’s the pothole you encounter on the way to work, the extra surcharge on your electricity bill, or your right to pass out water to people in the line to vote.

Politics is all around you. Every day. This podcast will help you to be politically fit, provide some behind-the-scenes secrets of what happens behind the doors of power, and how you can make your voice heard whether you are in the room or not. 
Hosted by Former Texas State Representative Gina Calanni.

Further your knowledge:

Book suggestion for this week: What You Should Know About Politics …But Don’t

Movie suggestion for this week: Long Shot

Song selection: Slow Ride


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